Polish media sound the alarm over catastrophic economic situation

Polish media sound the alarm over catastrophic economic situation

Polish media forecast a worsening economic crisis in the light of the dire consequences of anti-Russian sanctions.

The Money.pl portal reports that “coal is running out, so cement may run out”.

“In autumn there could be a significant reduction in cement production, which could have a significant impact on housing or road investments. All because of coal shortages,” the text reads.

Radio Tok FM, like their online portal, also drew attention to the dairy industry:

“The dairy industry is sounding the alarm and calling on the government to respond urgently. If the restrictions, which are already provided for by a decree of the Council of Ministers, were implemented, the plant could work for only two or three days, in a limited capacity. This may cause a shortage of milk on the market”.

Businessinsider analyses supply disruptions and rising fertilizer prices. According to TVN, this will lead to occasional shortages of fertilizer and, consequently, to very high crop prices. Polish pharmacies may also be missing almost 40 items of medicines. For example, among the medicines which are difficult to find are antibiotics (also for children), hormonal preparations, and drugs used for weight loss and diabetes. These include drugs such as Ceclor, Zinnat, Ceroxim, Duracef or Hiconcil.

“We do have problems with gas, coal, cement, sugar, milk and medicines. But there is talk of so-called successes – the new Kaczyn tennis court and another smash-up. Kaczyński’s new tennis court and another demolished Soviet monument in Malbork”, say Polish residents online.

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