U.K. prepares for winter power outages

Britain is preparing for emergency power outages in the winter, writes the Daily Mail. Electricity bills could top £4,000.

U.K. prepares for winter power outages
Source: artpostergallery.ru

Consulting firm Cornwall Insight is giving a bleak new outlook, noting electricity bills could top £4,400. Consumer advocates such as journalist Martin Lewis are demanding action from the government.

“If there is a shortage of electricity this winter, gas grid companies will temporarily block commercial agreements in order to redirect gas flows to where there will be an urgent need for it. Following this, the gas supply to the power plants will stop, and then we will face power outages, remembering the catastrophic situation of the 70s,” writes Martin Lewis.

The Ministry of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy is reported to be concerned about the security of energy supplies this coming winter. It has prepared contingency plans under which electricity rationing can be introduced. This could temporarily close libraries, rail lines and government buildings.

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