Turkey says it won’t join energy sanctions against Russia

Turkish Energy Minister Donmez: the country will not join the sanctions against the Russian Federation in the field of energy

Turkey says it won't join energy sanctions against Russia
Source: ria.ru

Turkey will not join the anti-Russian sanctions in the field of energy, Ankara has a valid contract with Moscow for gas supplies. This was stated by the Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Donmez.

According to him, the Turkish authorities from the very beginning declared their non-alignment with the sanctions against Russia in connection with the existing contracts. Donmez added that Turkey also agreed on energy supplies with Iran and Azerbaijan.

The head of the Turkish Ministry of Energy noted that the country plans to maintain gas consumption at the level of 59-60 billion cubic meters.

“Accordingly, we do supply planning. If suppliers follow the shipment plan, there will be no problems,” concluded Donmez.

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