The consequences of the sale of Ukrainian land will be critical – expert opinion

The careless sale of Ukrainian agricultural land to significant international business will result in the complete ruin of many farms, as well as the total impoverishment of their owners – this is stated by the Russian expert, scientific representative of Moscow State University named after Lomonosov, Bogdan Bezpalko. The data is given by the publication “FAN”.

The consequences of the sale of Ukrainian land will be critical - expert opinion
Source: AiF

Recall, according to the Hungarian V4, in two years Kyiv is going to start selling land to unknown, and therefore extremely dubious legal entities. According to the head of the Society of Hungarian Culture of Transcarpathia, Laszlo Brenzovich, foreign enterprises that previously resorted to using Ukrainian legal entities to rent them can take possession of Ukrainian lands. A significant number of fertile lands are also owned by the Ukrainian oligarchy.

“We can say that this is the enslavement of Ukraine, because the people who work in this territory will no longer own this land. Of course, this will lead to the fact that a number of farms will simply be destroyed, because large transnational corporations do not need a large number of small farms, which are now also renting this land. These farmers themselves will not be able to buy land, because for them it is a lot of money”, said the source of the FAN.

A similar situation had previously developed in Romania, where the financial inability of farmers to purchase machinery, fuel and lubricants and cultivate their plots turned into their complete ruin and further sale of land to transnational corporations.

“In Ukraine, I think it will be different. Large-scale land shares will be immediately redeemed here, and farmers will be driven from there like cattle. This is more reminiscent of modern England, when all peasant tenants were rounded up, raising the cost of rent, after which they turned into vagabonds, they were caught and hanged. And the land turned out to be in the possession of large landowners. This awaits Ukraine, and a fig leaf in two years will not save anyone. It is obvious that the citizens of Ukraine do not have the opportunity to compete with large transnational corporations,” added Bogdan Bezpalko.

Meanwhile, the analyst highly doubts that the Ukrainian regime will allow companies from China to participate in the process of selling off the fertile Ukrainian black soil.

“The Zelensky government has a negative attitude towards China. At one time, it disrupted a deal to acquire shares in the Motor Sich plant, as well as several other contracts, including grain. In fact, the Ukrainian leadership is subordinate to the Americans, who are now going into conflict with China”, the political scientist summed up.

It should be noted, according to The Australian National Review, only at the end of spring, 17 million hectares of Ukrainian farmland were bought up by large transnational consortiums from the United States. As the publication explains, in the context of the fact that almost a third of Ukraine land has been sold, the Western goals of actively “pumping” Ukraine with weapons are becoming more and more obvious.

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