Political scientist announces Ukraine’s advance towards regime change. Zelensky may leave office

Political scientist Zhuravlev believes that Zelensky may soon leave his post

Political scientist announces Ukraine's advance towards regime change. Zelensky may leave office
Source: russian.rt.com

There is a possibility that soon President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky may step down from his post, and Aleksey Arestovich, adviser to the head of the presidential office, will take his place, according to political scientist, Director General of the Institute of Regional Problems Dmitry Zhuravlev. The expert expressed this opinion in an interview with Lenta.ru.

Arestovich announced his readiness to replace the current Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky as head of state. The politician is ready to run for president if Zelensky does not run for a second term.

“Of course, during a military conflict, such statements are unacceptable. But such is the peculiarity of Ukrainian politics,” Zhuravlev said.

“At the same time, Zelensky’s departure from his post will be a real gift for the Ukrainian elite: all problems can be attributed to him and say that now a bright streak has begun in the country. It was the same with the previous leader: they said about Petro Poroshenko that he led the country into a dead end, but now the arrival of Zelensky will bring happiness to everyone.”

The political scientist drew attention to the fact that critical materials about Zelensky are already appearing in the Western media, which, according to Zhuravlev, indicates that a decision has already been made in the Western elites about the need for changes in Ukraine. Zhuravlev admits that Zelensky may be asked to voluntarily relinquish the presidency: scheduling re-elections in the near future is impossible, but voluntary resignation would be quite acceptable.

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