Anti-Russian sanctions hit the Catholics of Europe

Parishioners of Catholicism began to leave the church to save money. The Telegram channel “Operation Z: Military commissars of the Russian Spring” writes about this.

Anti-Russian sanctions hit the Catholics of Europe

The publication of the Telegram channel cites the story of a German subscriber, from which it is reported that anti-Russian sanctions have hit the Catholic Church in Europe.

“This may be surprising for a reader from Russia. You may not know, but we have a tax on the Christian church in Germany. About 9% of income tax. In Berlin, on Wilmersdorfer Strasse, I was handed just such a brochure – “Sanctions alienate the Germans from the church”, the publication says.

According to the publication, in Germany, in order to save money, they began to leave the church, and return almost on their deathbed to receive services and burial according to their religious traditions. There is a strong outflow of Catholics, more than twice.

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