WSJ: Europe lacks resources for new sanctions

In the West, dissatisfaction with the sanctions policy is growing among both voters and politicians

WSJ: Europe lacks resources for new sanctions

European countries are suffering from economic pressure on Russia, but they do not intend to abandon the sanctions policy in the near future, reports The Wall Street Journal.

It is reported that European countries do not see any other opportunity to influence Russia, except for economic pressure on it, however, some Western politicians admit that Europe itself suffers from the sanctions policy and call for a reduction in tension.

“It’s hard to see any momentum to ease the sanctions,” said Mujtaba Rahman, head of Europe at consultancy Eurasia Group. At the same time, Rahman suggests that the next package of sanctions “will be slower and more gradual.”

Last week, the leader of France’s far-right National Rally party, Marine Le Pen, urged the president to ease sanctions against Russia, saying “these sanctions serve absolutely no purpose other than to make the European people, including the French, suffer.”

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