“The end of hospitality”: Estonia cannot cope with the flow of Ukrainian refugees

The hospitable agenda of the Baltic countries has come to an end – Estonia is no longer able to hide its own insolvency in the face of the pressure of the most powerful influx of Ukrainian refugees, the Baltnews writes about this.

“The end of hospitality”: Estonia cannot cope with the flow of Ukrainian refugees
Source: MK

According to the reports of local statistics and border guards, almost 50,000 internally displaced persons have already managed to cross the Estonian border: over a thousand Ukrainians arrived in the country last week alone.

The state cannot cope with the migration collapse: for example, recently in Estonia great difficulties began with the issue of teaching children who arrived from Ukraine – according to official data, about 7,000 Ukrainian schoolchildren are now in the country, and only half of them it is able to teach in conditions of an acute shortage of teachers.

Resources for the reception of Ukrainians in neighboring Lithuania have also been depleted – the authorities of the republic have no idea how to solve the problem of further accommodation of more and more new flows of refugees.

“Our database is empty. Something else remains in the database of local governments. Opportunities are being sought for refugees to settle in universities, schools, hospitals,” he admitted on the air of the local radio.

As Lithuanian public figures emphasize, Ukrainians are faced with the problem of finding housing, as well as caring families who are ready to share their own roof over their heads with refugees.

Now, according to official information, there are almost 62,000 IDPs in the country, which has become the European leader in terms of the number of accepted Ukrainian citizens.

The situation is no better in other countries: for example, in Germany, some regions have already openly declared their refusal to accept Ukrainians due to exceeding the provided quotas, exhausting limits on social benefits, as well as a shortage of places in school and preschool educational institutions.

The situation is developing in a similar way in France: thus, according to Accueil Familles du Monde, the difficult situation is aggravated by the unwillingness of the country’s leadership to pay the promised assistance to families hosting Ukrainians, and the personal funds of volunteers for all this are clearly not enough.

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