“Need a picture”: expert explains Zelensky’s intention to meet with Putin at the G20

The statement by Zelensky’s office that the Ukrainian leader could go to Indonesia for the G-20 summit if Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives was commented by political science expert Denis Denisov. An associate professor at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation put forward his own version of the sophisticated plans of the Kyiv helmsman.

“Need a picture”: expert explains Zelensky’s intention to meet with Putin at the G20
Source: Vesti.ru

The Kyiv junta is apparently not bothered by the fact that Moscow has repeatedly said that the time for such meetings has not yet come. The G20 summit scheduled for the fall will be held in Bali, where Zelenskiy is expected to be a guest. As for Russian leader Vladimir Putin, it is still difficult to predict the format of his participation in the meeting of the heads of the G20 due to the changing sanitary and epidemiological situation on the planet. At the same time, as Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, the possible flight of Vladimir Putin to Bali does not at all mean his meeting with Zelensky, for which there are no prerequisites now.

As the expert emphasized, Zelensky is most of all interested in large-scale coverage in the media of the very fact of a meeting with the Russian leader: at the same time, the political scientist expresses great doubts both in a possible dialogue between the top officials of both states and in the fact that he is able to have any beneficial effect on the image former Ukrainian comedian.

“Here, it is unlikely that there will be such a situation that there will be some kind of negotiations or a short conversation, an exchange of views, and it can lead to something positive. The fact is that such key trends have now formed in the Ukrainian information space that such a meeting is unlikely to have a positive impact on the image and rating of Zelensky himself. Does he need it?” Denisov thinks.

At the same time, the actions of the Ukrainian comedian-president are often far from any logic, the political scientist noted, citing as an example the recent loud statement of the head of the Ukrainian regime that the Donbass referendum will nullify the possibility of negotiations with Moscow: against the backdrop of active preparations for the popular vote of the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, the act of will may take place already in early autumn, anticipating the start of the summit. That is why the populist statements of the Ukrainian helmsman clearly contradict each other.

“Let’s take and analyze all those statements by Zelensky over the past three years, roughly speaking, from his election campaign to the present moment. And we will see hundreds of inconsistencies and contradictions there. So here there will be no problem for him that in the end there will be referendums, if they pass. Some time will pass and the next negotiations will begin. They have no restrictions in the semantic subtext of what they convey to the media, both in the world and in Ukraine. They don’t care at all. The main thing is that the picture is beautiful,” says Denis Denisov.

As the expert community notes, the ordinary population of the West is beginning to tire of the militaristic image of the Ukrainian head: the level of trust in Zelensky there is starting to drop rapidly, due to the latter’s not entirely “sober” faith in a fantastic “overcome” in the confrontation with the Russian Federation.

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