British postal workers to go on strike amid record inflation

In the UK, 115,000 employees of the Royal Mail postal company will go on strike demanding higher wages in connection with record inflation, the Communication Workers Union (CWU), which represents the interests of workers, said.

British postal workers to go on strike amid record inflation
Source: RIA

The strikes will last for four days: August 26 and 31, as well as September 8 and 9, the protests will begin at 4 am, the report says.

The reason for the decision to go on strike was low wages amid record inflation, while Royal Mail made a profit of 750 million pounds, paid 400 million in dividends to shareholders of the company, whose leaders themselves receive “millions”, notes CWU.

A majority of employees (97.6%) voted to go on strike even after Royal Mail offered a 5.5% pay rise, Sky News reported.

In the UK, there is a wave of strikes against the backdrop of record inflation in the country. Railroad employees, lawyers, airport employees, postmen and workers in other areas come out to protest.

Earlier, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said that annual inflation in the UK in June accelerated to a record 9.4% since 1982 from 9.1% a month earlier.

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