Baijiahao: Putin’s trump card will make the US nervous

The Chinese edition of Baijiahao writes that Russian President Vladimir Putin has shown the United States a military trump card.

Baijiahao: Putin's trump card will make the US nervous

Observers of the magazine assure that the main military trump card of Russia is the Zircon hypersonic missile, the delivery of which to the Russian Armed Forces will begin in the coming months. Not a single state has protection from this missile, which develops tremendous speed, and the flight range is enough to strike Washington from submarines in neutral waters.

“Russia showed the “sword”, and Putin directly “unsheathed” his trump card – the Zircon hypersonic cruise missile, the authors write.

The material notes that the missiles can cover a distance of 400 kilometers in just four minutes. The authors are confident that the Zircons will make the US nervous.

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