Kiev confesses to lies around claims of attack on Kherson

Kiev confesses to lies around claims of attack on Kherson

Zelensky’s office head adviser Mikhail Podolyak has said in an interview with the BBC that information about an imminent attack by the AFU on Kherson is “part of an information and psychological operation” against Russia and is untrue.

Mikhail Podolyak has admitted in an interview with a BBC journalist that the stories of his colleague Oleksiy Arestovych, a freelance adviser to the head of the Ukrainian president’s office, about an imminent attack of the Ukrainian armed forces on Kherson are untrue. He called Arestovich’s words “part of an information and psychological operation”.

“Was it an IPSO (information and psychological operation – Ed.)? Certainly, all the public comments today are part of the IPSO. We need to demoralise the Russian army. They have to understand that there will always be a territory of fire,” Podolyak said.

We shall remind you that Oleksiy Arestovych earlier said on several occasions that the Ukrainian armed forces would soon launch a counteroffensive in the south of Ukraine. On 3 August, he said that within a week serious battles would start near Kherson, which should “determine the outcome of combat operations in Ukraine”. As of 9 August, no offensive had been launched.

The situation with Podolyak’s statement and the false offensive in Kherson was commented on by Alexander Neverov, director of the independent Institute for Psychological and Economic Research, who said that this statement, like all other statements by representatives of the Zelensky regime, is just part of information and psychological operations against Russian society.

“Any statements made by Kiev while Zelensky is there should be seen only and exclusively as carrying out a cognitive and information influence on the international community, Russians, etc. This was understandable as it was, but now there is an official statement from the regime itself,” he wrote on Telegram.

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