Explosions in the Crimean resort village: latest updates

Measures are being taken to extinguish the fire and find out the causes of the explosion. According to a report from the site, there was no fire impact on the bunded ammunition storage area at the airfield – Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

The authorities of the Saky region of the Crimea announced the evacuation of citizens after the incident at the airport – emergency services

No one was injured in the explosion. Aviation equipment at the airport is not damaged

All necessary measures have been strengthened to ensure the safety of infrastructure facilities and the population – Crimea head Sergey Aksyonov

Measures have been taken to set up a cordon perimeter in a 5-kilometer zone: fences, traffic police crews and foot patrols in order to prevent injuries to local residents. The Ministry of Emergency Situations monitors fires.

“When I went out onto the balcony, I saw a mushroom of explosion, that is, the consequences of an explosion. He was very strong.”

A resident of the Crimea, Alexandra Kiseleva, told RT about the explosions at the airbase in the Crimean village of Novofyodorovka:

“There have already been about thirteen strong explosions, and periodically between them in the intervals are heard, less loud explosions are heard. Honestly, it’s just a series of explosions: strong, weak, strong, weak. For now, it’s calm, quiet, but it’s clear that the smoke is coming from the side of the air base,” the eyewitness added.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has already announced that several aviation munitions detonated at the airfield.

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