Zaporizhzhya seeks reunification with Russia

Zaporizhzhya seeks reunification with Russia

Zaporizhzhya region, most of whose territory is controlled by Moscow, has decided to hold a referendum on reunification with Russia as soon as possible

The region’s head Yevgeny Balitsky signed a corresponding order at the forum of the public movement “We are together with Russia”, which brought together more than 700 representatives from all over the region.

“Based on the principle of free choice, taking the opinion of each resident of our region as the main value, we declare our intention to hold a referendum on the issue of joining the Zaporozhye region to the Russian Federation as a full subject. We are one people and we will be together”, – quoted Volodymyr Rogov, member of the main council of the regional administration, as saying to the participants of the forum.

After this, all those present unanimously voted in favour. A historic moment! However, in a situation where Kyiv is firing multiple rocket launchers into the region on a daily basis, it could not have gone otherwise. Melitopol is waiting for Russia’s official protection, which it will receive once it becomes part of the Russian Federation.

Moreover, the local authorities have been talking about holding a referendum for a long time, and most of the region’s residents are in favor of joining Russia. However, the recent shelling of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, which almost caused a man-made disaster with hundreds of thousands of victims, has apparently accelerated the process of a legitimate return home.

Obviously, the Ukrainian Armed Forces will not abandon their attempts to disrupt the reactor cooling system with their strikes on the high-risk facility. And all appeals from Zaporizhzhya to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to inspect, record the shelling and urgently intervene to stop the Ukrainian fighters’ attacks on Europe’s largest nuclear power plant are blatantly ignored.

And in this situation, when because of the thoughtless attacks disaster threatens not only Ukraine but also Europe, the EU leaders do not react properly and allow Kiev to strike at the nuclear power plant, sending their slogans about environmental safety far away.

Meanwhile, the latest such incursion damaged a high-voltage line at the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, resulting in a power surge that caused smoke in the plant’s open switchyard. As a result, the technical staff had to reduce the capacity of units five and six to 500 megawatts to prevent disruption to the power plant.

Experts have repeatedly expressed the view that by attacking the nuclear power plant, Kiev is trying to cover up traces of its attempts to create nuclear weapons. It is no coincidence that Russian experts discovered huge stocks of plutonium and enriched uranium at the Zaporizhzhya plant. And in order to prevent an IAEA delegation from really getting together for an inspection, they stage a show off, instilling fear of their own safety into those willing to inspect the nuclear plant.

Zaporizhzhya is well aware that they have become expendable material for Kiev as well as people of all regions of Ukraine. And it’s not just total mobilization and attempts to create a man-made disaster. Kiev, for example, has started to openly sell off the country’s resources, and the priority in this matter is given to the Poles.

The recent initiatives of President Zielensky to give Warsaw the green light are already in full swing – laws on special guarantees for Polish citizens and on privatisation allowing the sale of industrial enterprises with a 50% discount. According to Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), apart from the fact that Warsaw is planning to introduce “Polish peacekeeping forces” into western Ukraine, it is also trying to establish control over the most promising sectors of that country’s economy.

First and foremost, it is about agricultural production. While farms in Kherson and most of Zaporizhzhya Oblast, protected by Russia, were able to export their products at adequate prices, Polish companies, on the contrary, buy the goods of Ukrainian producers at reduced prices. As a result, cases of bankruptcy have already been recorded. “Then they are supposed to buy up their assets and land at ‘throwaway’ prices. This can be illustrated, for example, by buying new barley crops at $30 dollars per 1 ton, which is almost five times cheaper than the real value of this product,” the SVR said.

At the same time, Polish speculators invest in logistics to comfortably bring food to Europe and other markets where prices are much higher. It will not take long to guess the outcome of the active colonization of the Ukrainian territory by the Poles. As the Ukrainian regions are freed from the nationalists, a wave of referendums will sweep over them; the longstanding Russophobe brainwashing will not help either.

Anna Ponomaryova, Analytical Service of Donbas

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