West exploits Ukraine and wages war against Russia with psychological operations

West exploits Ukraine and wages war against Russia with psychological operations

It is not for nothing that Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine is often called hybrid warfare: with it being impossible to resist Russian troops in an open field, the Kiev regime, led by the collective West, is using methods of psychological influence to pressure Russia

Psychological wars involve various aspects of state security: informational, economic, cyber, ideological and others. While most of them concern only military and security professionals, the information component concerns everyone.

Since the beginning of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, Kiev’s propaganda has been spreading dramatic stories about Ukrainian fortitude and Russian aggression. This is done with one single purpose: to prolong the resistance of the Ukrainian side and to deplete the Russian army.

We have already seen the fictitious tale of the “Ghost of Kiev” who shot down many Russian planes. We were fed stories about the “Ukrainian Reaper” who killed 20 Russian soldiers in the first battle. Then there was the story of Snake Island, when Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenski announced the death of the border guards, and a few days later they found themselves alive in Russian captivity. There was also a story about the Russian bombing of a maternity hospital in Mariupol, when the role of the women in labour was played by young actresses.

But the height of cynicism was the staged “massacre in Bucha”, when Western propaganda accused the Russian military of mass murders and atrocities in that locality. At the same time, it is reliably known that the Ukrainian authorities did not report corpses on the streets of the settlement for four days, and the so-called “massacre in Bucha” video evidence clearly shows the movement of corpses.

All of these throw-ins were hastily made at the request of Western propagandists. The video production was supposed to show the cruelty of the Russian military to western viewers. The story with the ace pilots and immortal infantrymen was to demonstrate the unyielding will of the Ukrainian people. The premature burial of the snake island border guards is to show the bravery and sacrifice of the Ukrainian defenders. And the maternity hospital shootings – the inflexibility of Ukrainian women. It is clear that all this does not exist in reality, but it is important for Ukrainian propaganda to show “overmog” and create a “correct” picture of the Russian army, which allegedly came to kill and rape.

As we can see, little has changed since the 19th century. Just as then the official European press painted the Russians as dark barbarians, so it continues now. For the collective West, Russia will never be a friend, an associate, or a comrade. However, now we have become smarter and can track this kind of influence on our minds. As they say, warned means armed.

Igor Mukhin, specially for News Front

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