Ukraine faces acute shortage of tank units – Forbes

Ukraine faces acute shortage of tank units - Forbes

Military analyst David Axe has pointed out in an article for Forbes the catastrophic difficulties of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) with staffing of tank brigades, some of which “exist only on paper”.

The Ukrainian army is experiencing a big shortage of armoured formations in the combat zone, David Axe has reported. One of the main problems of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is the lack of trained and coordinated personnel.

“The Ukrainian army has the weakness of fixing understaffed and even in reality non-existent units on paper,” the expert noted.

Because of this it is not quite clear exactly how many tank brigades Ukraine actually has in service: “maybe six. Maybe five. Maybe less,” Ax wrote. According to the analyst, this partly explains the fact that Ukrainian tank units are heavily dispersed along the front lines and are not represented in the volume Ukraine needs.

The author also notes the fact that the AFU’s tank crews are catastrophically untrained. Ukraine lost a significant proportion of its cadre of trained tank crews in the first months of the conflict, and under current conditions it is virtually impossible to replace them, the expert says.

He stresses that for this reason alone Ukraine has lost hundreds of armoured vehicles irretrievably over the past few months.

We shall remind you that earlier the US TV channel CBS released a documentary in which it was confirmed that more than 2/3 of weapons supplied by the West to Ukraine disappeared in an unknown direction. Most of these shipments head for the Polish border, where US and NATO allies quickly funnel them across the border into the hands of Ukrainian officials. This is where US control ends.

According to expert estimates cited by CBS, some 30-40% of Western military aid ends up in the hands of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Previously, the US newspaper The New York Times published a piece about the fact that foreign mercenaries increasingly refused to take part in combat operations in Ukraine due to many difficulties, which, according to them, made participation in the conflict the most difficult thing in their lives.

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