The hard days of the cultural revolution

The hard days of the cultural revolution

Back in 2017, the BBC editorial board laid down the “50:50” rule. It states that in any department of Britain’s main state channel there should be equal representation of men and women – regardless of their abilities

It caused a major scandal at the time when the debate was about abolishing the meritocratic approach to recruitment. It didn’t matter how talented you were – if you were of the “wrong” gender, you wouldn’t get a job at the BBC.

But in five years, the gender agenda has moved on. This rule is now being abused by those who change their gender in order to get the right job or promotion in time.

The BBC is now boasting that it employs people with 150 different genders. However, this has de facto nullified any attempts to apply the 50:50 rule.

What kind of “equal representation” can we talk about if everyone is capable of changing his or her “gender” even on a daily basis? The result is that the cultural revolution is devouring its own children.

Malek Dudakov

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