Social catastrophe awaits in Germany

The head of the German “Left” Shirdevan warns of a social catastrophe and a crisis of democracy in Germany.

Social catastrophe awaits in Germany
Martin Schirdevan, co-chairman of the German Left party and member of the European Parliament, said in an interview with the ARD channel that Germany will have to go through very difficult times due to the unfavorable economic situation.

“Our country is threatened by a social catastrophe, a terrible energy shortage, which is already beginning to be felt, as well as inflation, due to which people cannot afford to buy food and rising rents,” the politician said.

Shirdevan criticizes the German federal government, saying it is in no hurry to address the emerging difficulties. He believes that the deteriorating economic situation could also provoke a “democracy crisis” in the country, which will lead to a sharp increase in the popularity of right-wing radical movements.

“German society is about to fall into a perfect storm,” concluded the head of the Left party.

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