CNN reports on Ukrainians travelling en masse to Russian-liberated territory

CNN reports on Ukrainians travelling en masse to Russian-liberated territory

US channel CNN has released a report from a checkpoint in Zaporizhzhya Region, through which Ukrainians are travelling en masse to Russian-controlled territory.

The CNN footage shows the road near Vasilievka (Zaporizhzhia region), where a reporter interviews people wishing to enter Russian-controlled territories. Most of those interviewed stated that they were going to Kherson region to pick up their relatives, but, as the journalist noted, they were taking their entire families with them, including small children.

The correspondent concludes that, apparently, the people he interviewed intend to stay in the Russian-controlled territory.

We shall remind you that according to statements by the military and civil administrations of the liberated regions, peaceful life has been fully restored in the Russian-controlled territories. Gas, water and electricity tariffs have been reduced several times compared to the territories controlled by the Kiev regime. Old debts “from Ukrainian times” have been completely written off. Regular social payments, as well as periodic one-off payments, have been fully secured.

Farmers in the liberated territories have received preferential offers of work from the Ukrainian State Administration, and the marketing of products to Crimea, which has “opened up”. The regions have been provided with affordable petrol and fuel and lubricants.

According to the Ukrainian state administration, the Interior Ministry has organized the work in the territories freed from the Kiev regime, and strict civil order is maintained in the regions. Effective counter-terrorism activities are being carried out by the Russian special services.

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