British media opposed Amnesty International, supporting Zelensky’s position

The British newspaper The Times opposes Amnesty International, which previously published a report with information about the deployment of Ukrainian troops in schools and hospitals, and strikes from densely populated areas.

British media opposed Amnesty International, supporting Zelensky's position
In its editorial, The Times condemns Amnesty International’s recent report as “stupid” and labels human rights defenders “Putin’s propagandists.”

The Times echoed President Zelensky’s position that Amnesty International is “shifting responsibility from the perpetrator to the victim.”

The British newspaper claims that basing troops in residential areas is a “classic tactic of the Russian army.”

“They did this in Syria, in Chechnya, and now in Ukraine. And that is why the Ukrainian army is in the settlements: to protect the Ukrainians from Russia,” writes the British edition.

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