Taiwan crisis: operational summary (August 6, updated)

Taiwan crisis: operational summary (August 6, updated)
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17:11 Associated Press: The blockade of Taiwan, which was previously predicted against the backdrop of large-scale exercises of the PLA, is already underway.

Taiwan cancels flights as China conducts military exercises, AP writes. The publication notes that the blockade “increased the risk of failures in the flow of Taiwanese-made processor chips needed by the industry’s global telecommunications and automotive companies.”

Hong Kong newspaper The South China Morning Post called the exercise “an effective blockade of Taiwan.” Against this background, China is extending military exercises around Taiwan from 7 to 15 August.

15:47 The People’s Liberation Army of China on Saturday, August 6, the third day of large-scale exercises around Taiwan, sent 20 aircraft and 14 warships to the island, the island’s defense department said.

Taiwan sent an air patrol to monitor the situation and also deployed anti-aircraft missile systems, according to the agency.

14:44 Former US President Donald Trump, speaking at a rally in Wisconsin, criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan. The broadcast of the event is published on the RSBN website.

“And now crazy Nancy Pelosi. What the heck? What was she doing in Taiwan? China dreamed of such a thing. She gave them the pretext they were waiting for,” he said.

14:10 Washington will have to “pay off” for the decision of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to visit South Korea, the Central News Agency of Korea quotes the words of the head of the information department of the DPRK Foreign Ministry, Cho Yong Sam. In his opinion, this is another manifestation of the hostile policy of the United States towards other countries.

“Pelosi’s trip to the demilitarized zone on the border of North Korea and South Korea incites the Korean people to another confrontation. The fact that she discussed with Seoul “a powerful and expanded containment of the North Korean threat” and visited the joint security zone in Panmunjom was a manifestation of Washington’s hostile views towards Pyongyang,” the report says.

12:05 Western media are discussing Beijing’s new response to Pelosi’s visit, including sanctions against her, the cancellation of the meeting of representatives of the Chinese Ministry of Defense and the United States, and the suspension of climate talks:

South China Morning Post

With regular dialogue between the world’s two most powerful militaries cancelled, it’s making it harder to prevent occasional conflicts. Pelosi becomes the most senior US official to be sanctioned by Beijing

Wall Street Journal

The new measures illustrate how China’s fury over Pelosi’s visit promises to complicate efforts in Washington and Beijing to end the downward spiral between the world’s two largest economies.


Beijing has further escalated tensions with new measures following its exercises in the Taiwan Strait. The US-China climate deal looks shaky as relations between the countries have sunk to one of their lowest levels in years.

10:59 Beijing thanked Moscow for supporting the principle of one China against the backdrop of the situation around Taiwan.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi noted that this position of Russia demonstrates the high level of strategic cooperation between the two countries.

10:50 Taiwan government website hacked and PRC flag hung on it – media.

10:20 Reuters: China ends dialogue with the US on military issues and climate due to Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan.

10:20 The Chinese army began another live firing exercise – from August 6 to 15 in the southern part of the Yellow Sea, according to the PRC Maritime Security Administration

10:19 China called on the world to unite against the United States.

We cannot allow the United States to take such steps again. All countries in the world should unite and prevent this,” Wang Yi said.

09:06 Blinken said that China’s military maneuvers are disproportionate to Pelosi’s “peaceful visit” to Taiwan and lead to an escalation.

09:04 The Pentagon cannot reach the Chinese military command. Against the backdrop of the crisis over Taiwan, the US military has repeatedly called colleagues in Beijing this week, but they did not pick up the phone, Politico writes, citing three sources.

08:51 Responding to joint statements by the United States and Japan about the inadmissibility of military exercises in the Taiwan area, China extended the exercises until August 15.

08:46 Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi says military exercises near Taiwan are open and professional

08:42 Chinese Foreign Minister: the usual US method is to first create problems, and then use them to achieve their goals.

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