Germany predicted a financial disaster

The inhabitants of Germany are waiting for an insoluble financial crisis, writes the German magazine Compact.

Germany predicted a financial disaster

RheinEnergie is going to raise gas prices by more than 100%. So far, gas has been supplied at a price of 7.87 eurocents per kilowatt-hour. Now RheinEnergie intends to increase this amount to 18.3 euro cents. In this case, the gas price will more than double.

In terms of an average household with an annual consumption of 10,000 kWh, this means that the costs, which are now €960, will increase to €2002. This will cause an insoluble financial crisis not only for low-income citizens, but also for normal-earning people, the German publication claims.

It should be added that Germany was faced with rising energy prices and a surge in inflation due to the imposition of sanctions against Russia and the rejection of Russian fuel.

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