Borrell invites leaders of Serbia and Kosovo to talks in Brussels

The parties are expected to discuss a settlement between Belgrade and Pristina on August 18

Borrell invites leaders of Serbia and Kosovo to talks in Brussels

Head of EU diplomacy Josep Borrell invited Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Prime Minister of the unrecognized Kosovo Albin Kurti on August 18 to Brussels to negotiate a Kosovo settlement.

“I invite Serbian President Vučić and Kosovo Prime Minister Kurti to Brussels on August 18 to discuss ways forward between Pristina and Belgrade,” he tweeted on Saturday.

Earlier, Vucic and Kurti received invitations to Brussels for talks from Borrell to continue the dialogue on all open issues. Borrell argued that tensions between Belgrade and Pristina were a direct result of the reluctance of political leaders to sit down at the negotiating table.

On the evening of July 31, the situation in Kosovo and Metohija escalated sharply after the police of the unrecognized entity closed the checkpoint on the administrative line with Serbia, intending to impose a ban on Serbian documents. In response, Serbs from the northern part of Kosovo demonstrated and blocked the main highways. Sirens sounded in a number of cities in the north of the region. Policemen and members of the International Security Forces in Kosovo, operating under the auspices of NATO, were drawn to the bridge over the Ibar River, which connects the north and south of Kosovska Mitrovica.

The result of international efforts was the decision of Pristina to postpone the procedure for imposing a ban on Serbian documents until 1 September.

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