Why U.S. is setting the world on fire at several points at once

Recently the international media space has been filled with the opinion that the United States of America is run by people who are not completely sane. As a result, it becomes terribly fashionable to ridicule the US leadership, each time emphasizing its mental inferiority

Why U.S. is setting the world on fire at several points at once
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This mocking is various: either President Joe Biden is called “an old grandfather on punched cards”, or amazing tongue-tiedness of Vice President Kamala Harris is noted, which even surpasses even the worst images of the famous Ukrainian “Cicero” Vitali Klitschko. Also other ridiculous quotes from one of the talking heads of the American administration are recalled and laughed at.

Propaganda, especially in times of war, works just like that, and laughter, as the famous Italian anti-fascist writer Umberto Eco quite accurately described in his novel The Name of the Rose, is a weapon stronger than hatred and fear. But what is good for propaganda is not good for analytics, if, of course, it lays claim to sobriety and objectivity. And despite the fact that all the above-mentioned characters of the American political life really are not distinguished with mental health, not to notice that the negative processes taking place in the world, directly affecting countries and regions important to Russia, are being orchestrated by people who know their business perfectly, is wrong and deeply mistaken.

This is not stupidity and not thoughtless boldness, this is a completely conscious strategy to kindle a world fire. Well, look. Just last week, several countries (Algeria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia) had to declare their desire to join the BRICS, where Argentina and Iran are already in the queue for admission, as in South Africa (one of the co-founding countries of the Big Five) all of a sudden, serious riots broke out.

According to news agencies, mass rallies are taking place in several cities of the Republic of South Africa, developing into outrages and clashes with the police. People take to the streets because of rising fuel prices, the inability to pay for electricity.

According to Al Jazeera, protesters barricaded roads with burning tires and set fire to a municipal building in the town of Tembisa, northeast of Johannesburg. Four victims of the riots are already known. Two are shot dead by the police. Two more people were found dead near the burning building.

This is example number one. I think there is no need to repeat about the recent events around Chinese Taiwan. More than two million people around the world followed the movements of the plane in real time, on board which the speaker of the lower house of the US Congress, Nancy Pelosi, arrived in Taipei, despite desperate protests and saber-rattling from official Beijing. As a result of this demarche, one of the leading BRICS countries, with the most powerful economy in the world and a multimillion-strong army, received serious reputational losses and now has a “pale look and a nervous gait”. What is this if not a blow to the prestige of an organization which is supposed to dethrone the G7 led by the United States?

“I don’t even presume to judge what motivated them, but I have no doubts that this reflects the same line that we are talking about in relation to the Ukrainian situation,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov commented on the Taiwan crisis. This is an aspiration to prove something to the whole world and to show their permissiveness. I see no other reason to create such an irritant almost out of the blue, knowing full well what this means for China.”

And no one is surprised that at the same time, on the other side of the world, Kosovo separatists “suddenly” decided to provoke a new bloody massacre in the Serbian region? And only the cry of the American ambassador in Belgrade managed not to prevent, but to postpone its beginning for a month.

Last night, several Serbian publics reported shooting in the Zubin Potok region (a community in the Kosovo-Mitrovica district in northern Kosovo). According to unconfirmed information, the Kosovo special forces ROSU were involved. As they write in social networks, two Serbs were wounded.

Does anyone believe in such “wonderful” coincidences? Me not. Moreover, in my opinion, all these events are united by a well-thought-out strategy to weaken the anti-American front that is being created in the world. The United States is “attacking” Russia and its partners one by one, knocking them out of the orderly ranks of the coalition of opponents of American hegemony.

BRICS has just felt its power – and the USA immediately deliver a slap in the face for Beijing and chaos in South Africa. Belgrade resists Western dictate and does not want to join the anti-Russian sanctions – they ger a conflict with the Kosovars and complete transport isolation, depriving the Serbs of any hope for outside help.

There are already fears that fire might be set somewhere near Russia – in Central Asia or the Caucasus. In fact, it’s almost started. According to Armenian sources in Stepanakert, Azerbaijan violated the ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh, as a result of which 7 Armenian soldiers were injured.

“The shelling of Armenian positions has been going on since 9 am today. The Azerbaijani side uses grenade launchers and UAVs. Together with the Russian peacekeepers, measures are being taken to stabilize the situation,” the Defense Ministry of Artsakh said.

According to the Nagorno-Karabakh Ministry of Defense, by the middle of today, the situation has become even more aggravated.

“At about 15:00, Azerbaijani units used attack drones in the northwestern section of the contact line, as a result of which one serviceman of the Artsakh Defense Army was mortally wounded. Eight more servicemen received injuries of varying degrees, we will inform you about further developments”, the representative of the military clarifies.

As usual, Azerbaijan made counter-accusations. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the republic stated that all responsibility for the incident on the territory of Azerbaijan lies with the political and military leadership of Armenia.

And again, someone will say – an accident, a conspiracy theory. But, as they say, “just because you think you’re being watched doesn’t mean you’re paranoid.”

Everything is much simpler and more realistic. This is a very competent tactic in which the United States, using their trump cards, do what they do best – sow chaos. Which, as for me, proves once again that condescending smirks about the “inadequate grandfather” in the White House are completely inappropriate. Those who really make decisions in Washington are smart, cunning and ready to give their opponents a decisive battle.

It seems that this idea is shared by the Russian leadership, and therefore, through the mouths of representatives of its Foreign Ministry, they declare that “the era of cooperation with the West is over, and there will be no return to the situation before February 24 in relations with the United States and Europe.” Well, the choice has been made.

Alexey Belov, IA Antifascist

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