US deliberately unleashed hysteria around Pelosi’s visit – expert opinion

Beijing will not become a hostage to Washington’s provocation in the form of Pelosi’s visit to the island and will continue to act at its own pace. Evgeny Satanovsky, an expert in the field of political science and oriental studies, is inclined to a similar point of view, whose interview is published by the publication Economics Today.

US deliberately unleashed hysteria around Pelosi's visit - expert opinion
Source: MK

It is precisely this fact that explains the absence of a tough Beijing response to what is happening, the political scientist said, recalling that the Western press, which unleashed real hysteria around the situation, gave an unnecessarily important global role to the sensational trip of the speaker of the US Congress. At the same time, civilized Beijing is acting without unnecessary haste, preferring not to react to the American provocation, realizing that Taiwan is waiting for the fate of Macau and Hong Kong.

“The whole hysteria was hyped exactly by the Americans: they say, Pelosi is flying, Pelosi will not be allowed to land, Pelosi will break through to Taiwan, China will begin to seize Taiwan. Tell me, what did China say? What is taking control of Taiwan so that only Pelosi doesn’t fly in? What kind of nonsense? Are they supposed to run into any American bait that is thrown at them? China has said and continues to say that Taiwan will be China, as Macau and Hong Kong have become. But it will become China at that moment and in such time, financial and other framework as the Chinese authorities and its Kuomintang partners in Taiwan decide,” Satanovsky said.

The unwillingness of the States to agree with the integrity of the PRC and the island at the same time causes persistent indignation not only in the PRC, but also in Taipei, the expert said: and since the population of both states considers themselves to be a single people, for a long time acting in the direction of rapprochement, Beijing will do everything to avoid the situation that was allowed by the Soviet Union in Belovezhskaya Pushcha.

As the expert stated earlier, the US presumptuous calculation of a military advantage over Beijing is their greatest delusion. In addition, among the main trump cards of Beijing is the global dependence of the American military-industrial complex: we are talking mainly about microelectronics, which is hardly capable of doing without components supplied by China. The construction of American missile systems, as well as warships according to the latest standards, is in danger of being disrupted: thus, China has already managed to prepare a reliable military trap for the United States, the political scientist noted.

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