“Save the Democrats”: expert analyses Pelosi’s “Taiwan voyage”

Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Gennady Onishchenko, whose point of view is published by FAN publications, called the sensational visit of the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress Pelosi to Taiwan “an expensive inappropriate adventure”.

“Save the Democrats”: expert analyses Pelosi’s “Taiwan voyage”
Source: RBC

The congresswoman’s scandalous Taiwan voyage, according to the expert, will greatly complicate the situation on the island, quite possibly prompting Beijing to take active military action, since the most powerful military resources are concentrated there.

At the same time, the analyst considers the visit a “sprint” on the eve of the upcoming autumn vote in Congress, in which the chances of winning for the American Democrats are extremely doubtful. At the same time, China should not contribute to the political image of the weakening Democratic Party, Onishchenko noted, believing that for this purpose it would be much more beneficial for Beijing to maintain equanimity and not react in any way to Washington’s provocations.

“My concern is whether China will limit itself to verbal threats. If Pelosi’s visit gets out of hand, then it would be better for the Chinese to keep silent now and pretend that nothing is happening, so as not to work for the image of the Democratic Party, which, for such huge money, sent a fleet to the shores of Taiwan and landed on a military plane, in my opinion, not quite an adequate woman. I would like to hope that China will take action against Taiwan, since it considers the island its territory. It will find a way to influence Taipei, and I’m not sure that the Americans will defend the island from a military point of view.”

As for Washington, it doesn’t care about Taiwanese principles at all: the task of saving the American Democrats from political failure becomes a priority, the expert believes.

Nancy Pelosi is 82 years old. I admit the idea that she expected to die and posthumously receive some kind of heroic reward for the courage shown during her visit. But the fact that she risked the lives of other parliamentarians does not do her credit. This is not the first day I have been commenting on the health of Mr. Joe Biden and let me assume that he is sick.

As soon as Pelosi flew to Taiwan, Washington representatives voiced an unconvincing argument, allegedly during communication with China, the US authorities said that the “frivolous lady” flies independently of them, since she herself decides what to do, and Biden’s representatives cannot influence her can. On the one hand, this sounds frivolous, but on the other hand, it sounds intimidating. Therefore, I admit the idea that Biden specifically “fell ill” in order to step aside. However, this time the argument was chosen not too convincing.

According to the analyst, the United States launched another provocation to create new tension on the world stage. As in the case of the Ukrainian crisis, an innocent population is being sacrificed. The analyst does not rule out that the situation will end in a military conflict, while expressing hope for a diplomatic resolution of the situation.

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