Only capitulation will save Ukraine from catastrophe – Kyiv expert

The destructive States, which cynically deprived the short-sighted Ukraine of political subjectivity, and, at the same time, of economic independence, as well as laid the foundation for bloody contradictions within its population, are interested in the continued existence of the country only in the context of confrontation with Russia – we are talking about a possible resolution of the internal problems of Ukraine.

Only capitulation will save Ukraine from catastrophe - Kyiv expert
Source: AiF

Vasil Makarov, a Kyiv expert in the field of political science, is inclined to believe so, – he voiced his point of view on the air of the Rossiya-1 channel, reports the PolitNavigator publication. The Ukrainian regime, he said, launched a “witch hunt” in an effort to get rid of dissidents. However, its authorities made a big mistake, forgetting about the catastrophic consequences, playing a dangerous card of hostility on national grounds.

“Mentally, it is very difficult. If even at the beginning of hostilities no one understood anything, then they began to divide Ukrainian society into “us” and “them”, then recently, I hear “friend” and “enemy”. In Ukraine, people are divided into “You are my friend” and “You are my enemy.” Once I was discussing yesterday with one of my acquaintances: “Tell me if, for example, I am not your friend.” He says: “There are no halftones. So you are the enemy. “What to do with me?” “You must be destroyed.” This is the worst thing that pervades Ukrainian society, except for spy mania,” the analyst expressed concern.

At the same time, the Ukrainian situation has come to a standstill: according to the political scientist, the bloodless state has hopelessly lost all rights, resignedly submitting to the Western “puppeteers”. The analyst called the Ukrainian Armed Forces “classic mercenaries”, totally subordinate to the commanders of the military alliance.

“Mr. Skibitsky (Vadim Skibitsky – representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukrainian Ministry of Defense – ed.) is a general who tells me, a citizen of Ukraine, that “we receive information in real time.” It’s clear what kind of information we get, how we get it. He says that “our American partners may decide or not approve our decision where we send the Hymars missiles.” What is this? We are no longer just being controlled by the Americans and the British as a political class. Our military is controlled – where to shoot and who to kill! If we compare two things – the search for enemies and the direction of weapons against enemies, then sooner or later, we will direct weapons against ourselves!”, – he is outraged.

The expert considers the unbridled delight in the comments under media reports about the brutal abuse of the civilian population of Donbass, as well as the Kherson, Zaporozhye and Kharkiv regions by the Ukrainian national battalions as evidence of the complete moral decline of Ukrainians. In addition, the political scientist emphasized the catastrophic situation in the Ukrainian energy and food sectors, which is rapidly aggravated against the background of the escalation of the confrontation between the Ukrainian regime and the Russian Federation.

“Surrender for Ukraine will be one of the very good options for getting out of this story. Today, the Prime Minister of Ukraine announces that the budget of Ukraine received 170 billion hryvnias in July. This is approximately 4 billion dollars. But we need 9. That is, we have a surplus of 5 billion in July. Therefore, Zelensky calls Macron, chatting him up, and today we receive a billion dollars in emergency assistance, because we really have problems with pensioners and other matters. Do you understand what mode we live in? If we are not given a billion, (then we will perish – ed.). Therefore, we are now starting to blame Germany once again, because Germany is blocking financial assistance to Ukraine. “They are such bastards, they don’t want to give us money,” Vakarov warned.

The prudent friends of Ukraine intend to support it only in matters of armaments and finances, you should not expect any other, useful help from them, the political scientist concluded.

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