Joe Biden’s diplomatic efforts in the Middle East are collapsing

The international cartel OPEC+ has decided to increase oil production next month by only 100,000 barrels. This increase – the smallest since 1986 – looks like a joke, given the personal visit of the American president to Saudi Arabia.

Joe Biden's diplomatic efforts in the Middle East are collapsing

The East knows how to bargain. Trying to please Mohammed bin Salman, the United States approved the supply of arms for the Middle East heavyweight in the amount of $3 billion – the prince accepted this gesture, but the White House apparently missed the benefit. Why increase production, thereby knocking down world oil prices, when the economy of Saudi Arabia in the second quarter of 2022 grew by 11.8% – a record for the last 11 years?

Among other things, bin Salman knows perfectly well what the current sympathies of the American elite can turn out to be. How long has Biden himself promised to turn Saudi Arabia into a rogue state for its lack of democracy? Now the wind is blowing in the other direction, but the US will not have to pick up a stick again instead of a carrot.

In this situation, Russia and China are logically more reliable partners for the Saudis. And the Western press, meanwhile, is full of articles about how Biden miscalculated.


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