Bar in Georgia introduces entry forms for Russians

In one of the bars of Georgia, citizens of the Russian Federation are required to fill out a questionnaire with questions of a provocative nature regarding Ukraine and the special operation.

Bar in Georgia introduces entry forms for Russians
Source: Telegram-channel “Baza”

Telegram-channel Baza reports that in order to get into the bar, a Russian must admit that “Crimea is Ukraine”, and Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali regions are part of Georgia. Moreover, visitors must agree with the phrase “Glory to Ukraine” and declare that they “condemn Russian aggression” during the Russian special military operation in Ukraine.

The questionnaire was written in English. Visitors must also promise that they will not speak Russian with the bar staff and communicate on political topics.

It is reported that the administration of the institution published a message on its official Internet portal stating that they decided to introduce a “visa” for Russian citizens due to the “delicate political situation”, as well as some “bad Russians” who behaved inappropriately in a bar .

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