US Veterans Association urges Senate to reject NATO enlargement idea

US Veterans Association urges Senate to reject NATO enlargement idea

Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) on Wednesday, August 3, urged the Senate to vote against NATO expansion because such a move could cost the country “billions of dollars.”

The US Senate is expected to vote on a resolution to ratify the protocols for Finland and Sweden to join NATO. In this connection, the Democratic majority leader of the upper house of Congress, Chuck Schumer, has invited the ambassadors of the two Scandinavian countries to the US as guests to the upcoming meeting.

“The US is saddled with a $30 trillion national debt, record inflation and growing constraints on its military power. The last thing the US should be doing is extending NATO security guarantees to two more rich European countries,” said CVA senior adviser Dan Caldwell.

Caldwell notes that joining the two Scandinavian countries in the alliance “could cost the US billions of dollars, require regular deployment of troops to both countries and increase the risk of confrontation with nuclear-armed Russia.”

“The US faces more pressing problems at home and in other parts of the world. Rather than taking on the richer countries of Europe as security dependents, the US should be encouraging Europeans to take more responsibility for their own security,” Caldwell said.

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