Ukrainian Armed Forces hit Donetsk, houses on fire, civilian killed

Donetsk continues to shudder under the shelling of Ukrainian militants. According to the JCCC, as of 08:35, two rockets from Uragan multiple rocket launchers with Lepestok PFM-1 anti-personnel mines, as well as 20 rockets from Grad multiple rocket launchers were fired at the Kirovsky district of the capital.

As a result of shelling by Ukrainian armed formations, a civilian was killed in Kirovskyy district of Donetsk. A garage on Shmidta Lane was also reported to have caught fire. On Mudrova Street, a direct hit hit to a house. The video shows the consequences of the impact, a house is on fire.

Over the past 24 hours – from 08:00 on 2 August to 08:00 on 3 August – two people were killed and 25 more civilians were wounded as a result of shelling in the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic.