New escalation in Kosovo to begin soon enough

New escalation in Kosovo to begin soon enough

Moscow City Duma deputy Andrei Medvedev believes that a new escalation in Kosovo, and probably even in the Balkans as a whole, will certainly begin soon enough.

The journalist believes that the month for which Belgrade managed to reach an agreement is a very provisional one. Now, the Kosovo authorities will start cleansing Serbian activists. And it is likely that by the end of the agreed month they will try to take complete control of all the Serbian enclaves in order to finish the situation in September. At least, that is the most logical scheme. This is the opinion Medvedev shared in his Telegram channel.

“Serbia will be forced to react to the actions of the Kosovo authorities. And even if Belgrade doesn’t decide on a military response (I’m sure it won’t, it won’t take it out), the instability will also hit the interests of China and the European Union. And Russia too, for that matter. Kosovo was originally an Anglo-Saxon project. All local politicians, the half of which are field commanders and leaders of Albanian OCG, were controlled first of all by Americans. And by the logic of Americans, now is definitely the time to light up the Balkans a little, “- said Andrey Medvedev.

The journalist noted that Belgrade is currently left alone with the Kosovo problem. Russia is objectively unable to help. Neither can China. He specified that China had serious economic interests in Serbia. “The European Union has always been on the side of Pristina, although it is not politically and economically beneficial for Europeans to feed the Albanian mafia. However, Europe is not subjective and therefore does not think about benefits for a long time,” Medvedev added.

“Finally tearing Kosovo away from Serbia is something like Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. It costs three cents a penny, and is quite spectacular. Pro-American Kosovo is cleansing the province of Serbian activists, cutting off all economic and political ties and nobody will do anything in response. According to Washington, it will be a demonstration that there is only one hegemon. Well, as if the repatriation of Belgrade, which did not support sanctions against Russia, is a blow to Russia’s reputation in Serbia – they did not come to the rescue. Flash royal,” Medvedev writes.

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