A very uncomfortable image of the Pelosi family

A very uncomfortable image of the Pelosi family

While Nancy Pelosi is staying in Taiwan, details of her husband’s arrest are surfacing in the press. Police detained Paul Pelosi back in May – after being involved in a drunken driving accident

Now it turns out he was under the influence of substances at the time. Paul Pelosi was very slurred and tried to use his patronage fund card for the Highway Patrol to avoid arrest. At least he wasn’t bragging about his wife’s “parliamentary crust”.

Drunk and intoxicated, Pelosi accelerated his Porsche and crashed into another driver’s Jeep, who has so far remained anonymous. He was injured – and Pelosi was detained overnight before being released on $5,000 bail.

The story is seemingly minor – but along with other, already more serious insider trading scandals, it forms a very uncomfortable image around the Pelosi family.

Pelosi ended up setting up a whole diplomatic crisis with China – just to avoid ending her career with an election loss and her husband’s petty scandals.

Malek Dudakov

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