Taiwan crisis: August 2 operational update (updated)

Taiwan crisis: August 2 operational update (updated)

16:54 Pelosi’s plane has entered the air zone of the PRC (Taiwan).

16:52 The websites of government agencies in Taiwan have begun to go offline. At the moment, the Foreign Ministry’s website is inaccessible.

16:46 Media: many cargo ships are observed in the strait between Taiwan and China’s Fujian province.

16:44 The special flight of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will land at Taipei’s Sungshan Airport on Tuesday around 10 p.m. local time (5 p.m. Moscow time), Taiwan’s Sanli TV channel reported, citing police data.

4:40pm In Taipei, Nancy Pelosi is being prepared to be greeted with milk tea and bubbles. The island’s central news agency reported that politicians from Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party (the island’s ruling party) have ordered 100 glasses of the drink for Nancy Pelosi’s delegation.

16:37 Flightradar service has added the destination of Pelosi’s flight to Taipei.

16:36 US Air Force C-17A military transport aircraft heading towards Taiwan

16:21 A trainload of Type 96 tanks is spotted in Fujian.

16:17 At Sunshan Airport in Taiwan, an inscription appeared on one of the buildings reading “Love. Hope. Peace” ahead of Pelosi’s possible arrival.

16:16 Video: ZTD-09 BMP transfer by rail.

16:15 Video: another echelon of a rare BMP on a ZBD-05 BMP chassis.

16:14 Reuters reports that Nancy Pelosi’s plane has yet to request a landing in Taiwan.

16:11 An official statement from Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said:

“Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan would be a gross interference in China’s internal affairs, and would lead to very serious events and dire consequences.”

16:10 A small number of activists in Taiwan are holding rallies against Pelosi’s arrival at this time.

Placards read, “Taiwan is part of China,” “China is one!”, “US, hands off China! Peace for China! Now!”, “Nancy Pelosi: cancel your trip to Taiwan!”

16:09 Japanese media report 8 US Air Force fighter jets and 5 refueling planes flying out of Japanese bases.

15:53 FlightAware, an online real-time flight tracking service, reports that non-military aircraft continue to fly in the skies over Taiwan.

15:50 Xiamen, Fuzhou and Quanzhou airports in eastern China’s Fujian province have partially cancelled their flights – Xiamen Airlines.

15:48 Taiwan’s presidential administration website under cyber attack – media.

15:45 Russian Foreign Ministry on Pelosi’s plans to visit Taiwan: the US has engaged in provocations more than once, Washington is doing it live today.

15:45 Video: Taipei airport, military helicopter patrols the area.

15:41 An HQ-22 SAM battery is spotted on the march in Fujian.

15:40 The streets of Xiamen (Fujian, PRC) are littered with military equipment.

15:38 All Taiwanese-controlled “outer” islands have gone on full alert for the first time since the 1996 crisis – Taiwanese media.

15:32 Taiwan imposes heightened army alert level.

15:26 Pelosi’s plane is reported to have changed course again. It may be on its way to the island of Guam to refuel.

15:23 The red carpet has already been rolled out at Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan building, where Pelosi plans to arrive on August 3

15:20 Semiconductor stocks around the world fell on 2 August as Pelosi’s expected visit to Taiwan provoked a new escalation of tensions between Washington and Beijing.

Recall that Taiwan is a key supplier and manufacturer of microchips. If hostilities erupt on the island, a total chip crisis awaits the planet.

15:13 Chinese warplanes have flown over the line separating the Taiwan Strait – Reuters.

15:09 DF-16 ballistic missile launchers have been spotted in Fujian (China’s closest region to the Taiwan Strait).

15:08 Chinese Foreign Ministry: China will deny separatists and their accomplices any chance of independence for Taiwan.

15:08 Germany has promised to help Taiwan in case of “Chinese aggression”.

15:07 Flightradar service shows that the Pelosi plane is heading where it is planned – in an arc, skirting Chinese waters as much as possible, towards Taiwan.

15:03 The plane with Pelosi is already approaching Taiwan.

The Chinese military is pulling armoured vehicles and aircraft to the island. The Americans have responded by bringing in an aircraft carrier with a strike force.

15:00 Taiwan authorities tried to revoke Pelosi’s invitation to the island because of the risks involved, but she insisted on going to do something “historic”(!) – Taiwanese media

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