Biden is constantly fomenting war with Russia, China and Iran

It is well known that Democrats love war. The years of Barack Obama have left no doubt, this can be seen with complete clarity, given the bloody, anti-Russian proxy war in Ukraine

Biden is constantly fomenting war with Russia, China and Iran
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The Democratic Party stands for this war despite the countless human, economic, financial, moral and environmental costs.

Biden’s policy toward Russia has been to seek further NATO expansion, host the alliance’s largest military exercise since the Cold War in Eastern Europe, simulate nuclear bomber strikes a dozen miles from Russia’s borders, and maintain a US naval presence in the Black Sea for 182 days. In the past year.

In 2021, the Biden administration continued to ramp up military support for Ukraine while Kyiv waged war against its own people. Biden went on to turn Ukraine into a de facto NATO state, thereby deliberately crossing the brightest of all Russian red lines and provoking the current war.

Biden said he would be diplomatic. But he avoided diplomacy like the plague. He could stop the war in Ukraine by agreeing to cancel Kyiv’s invitation to join NATO, end provocative NATO military exercises across Eastern Europe, including on Russia’s borders, uphold Ukraine’s neutrality, uphold the Minsk agreements, and restore the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. Almost all of these options, or some of them, remain available to Biden today. Such measures are avoided because they can help end the war.

Biden has also significantly escalated the new Cold War with China. He took the politics of Obama and Trump and put them on steroids. Now US troops are openly stationed on the island of Taiwan, training local forces to fight mainland China, and senior officials are leading delegations to Taipei.

Washington is stepping over the one-China policy that has kept the peace for decades.

Washington’s Western allies have also wholeheartedly joined the Asian turn. This year, NATO – the offensive alliance – is targeting China in its new strategic concept paper.

Does such imperial bigotry make us proud to be Americans? Is that what makes America great? Today we are spending more on the Empire than ever before, over a trillion dollars a year. How much longer can we afford this unnecessary and counterproductive extravagance?

While our government spends scarce funds to finance its military exploits abroad, reducing our own productivity, countries like China are filling the void by expanding their trade opportunities.

The best indicator of our civilization would be our prestige in international trade. We must allow the best indication of our American greatness to be free and peaceful trade with other countries, not a display of our military might.

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