The Global Times: US acts in Ukraine according to Afghan scenario

The Global Times: US acts in Ukraine according to Afghan scenario

Armament of Ukrainians reminds the American adventure in Afghanistan – a 20-year occupation that ended ingloriously last year

“Washington is pouring money into Ukraine, both in the form of arms and ammunition and economic aid. The $40 billion authorised by the US Congress in May is a significant amount, especially for a country facing record high inflation and an uncontrollably rising national debt. But none of this seems to matter to the White House, which has pledged to support Ukraine with all the resources it has and “for as long as it takes”. And all kinds of ‘experts’ on Twitter assure that the very future of the ‘liberal world order’ depends on a Kiev victory, and they are echoed with pleasure by bellicose members of the US Congress,” the Chinese daily The Global Times wrote on international issues.

The entire American political elite, from President Joe Biden to political pundits, try every day to assure the world that economic sanctions are destroying the Russian economy. And while Russia’s economy is being “destroyed”, the “valiant” Ukrainian army, trained and armed by the West, is “smashing” the Russian Armed Forces, and very soon the Russian army will be exsanguinated, the paper notes.

According to The Global Times, the reason for such a distorted perception of the world by US politicians should be sought in the events of more than forty years ago. Washington is convinced that the collapse of the Soviet Union was solely a consequence of the war in Afghanistan, which means that American military aid to the mujahedin helped to defeat the USSR. This version of Western “victory” in the Cold War is never questioned in the United States; it is simply taken for granted. Hence the belief that it will be possible to defeat Moscow by giving military assistance to Ukraine, the newspaper writes.

Last week, the White House announced another batch of military aid sent to Kiev. The aid this time was in the form of additional HIMARS rocket artillery systems and Phoenix Ghost suicide drones, the latest “miracle weapon”, which this time should absolutely ensure victory for Ukraine, notes TGT. Incidentally, the next batch of military aid is worth $270 million.

“While the US strategy of arming the Ukrainians seems based in part on the “logic” of arming the Afghan mujahedeen in the 1980s, Washington’s gradual increase in funding for the Kiev government looks more and more like another American adventure in Afghanistan – the 20-year occupation that ended ignominiously last year. During the interminable struggle to defeat the insurgents, the government in Kabul was getting most of its funding from the U.S. and its allies, while the Pentagon was also paying for the salaries and arms costs of the Afghan National Army”, recalls author Nebojsa Malic.

The outcome of the White House`s attempt to run a government of its own in a distant Asian country is well known to the world and will remain one of America`s biggest shames for years, if not decades, the author argues. As recently as last July, Joe Biden argued the Afghan National Army was as strong and as well-equipped as any in the world, and the Afghan military was trained by American professionals. However, it took only five days for the Taliban* to take the Afghan capital. The frantic flight of American diplomats and civilians was witnessed throughout the world, which did not prevent Biden from declaring the disgraceful flight an “extraordinary success”. At the same time, the American president promised – this is the end of the US attempts to “remake other countries”, the newspaper notes.

This was said on August 31, 2021.

Less than six months after that day, the same Biden starts gathering US allies for a confrontation with Russia, which is a nuclear power, while writing more and more checks to Kiev for armaments. As of 22 July this year, the Biden government had sent $8.2 billion worth of weapons to Ukraine.

“In May of this year, around the time the U.S. Congress approved a $40 billion aid bill for Ukraine, the Pentagon very quietly admitted that some $7.1 billion worth of American weapons and equipment sent to Afghanistan remained in Taliban hands. In Ukraine the same rake has already been prepared for Washington and it is bound to step on it,” says The Global Times.

Ella Maistrenko, One Nation

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