Kiev does not need residents of Donbas

Kiev does not need residents of Donbas

Since yesterday evening, Donetsk has been discussing the news: AFU pelted the city with mines

The Anti-personnel mine – 1 is an exact replica of the US BLU-43 Dragontooth, which the US used in Vietnam. It is a very small mine in a plastic casing. It’s bright green, like a leaf. It’s loaded into cassettes and then dropped from planes, drones or special projectiles. They have green wings to make them spread wider when the cartridge unfolds.

They are poorly visible on the road and completely indistinguishable in the grass. And yes, it’s very common for children to get blown up on them, because the thing looks completely un-military. It looks like a toy, like a spinner.

Now these mines were laid in two districts – Kievsky and Kuybyshevsky. This monstrous action can’t have any military-strategic meaning: if people step on the “petals”, it will be civilians for sure. In a city which Ukraine still considers its own and whose inhabitants are its own citizens.

This is terror. Terror to make the people of Donetsk afraid, to make their lives unbearable, to turn it into a continuous daily horror. On 22 February, at a historic meeting of the Security Council, Vladimir Putin said that Kiev acts as if it does not need Donbas. And apparently this is true – Kiev does not need the Donbas people. They need scorched earth, drenched with pain and fear – where there was a republic that dared to demand respect for itself.

Dmitriy Petrovsky, RT

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