US continues to plunder Syria

The United States authorities must immediately stop the illegal export of agricultural products and oil from Syria, said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin. He pointed out that the US military had seized and occupied key agricultural and oil fields in Syria. The Chinese diplomat called this looting at the state level and demanded not only to stop the plunder of Syrian resources, but also to compensate for all the damage caused by the Americans to the Arab country.

US continues to plunder Syria
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The Chinese representative pointed out that the main communications of Syria are in the hands of the Americans. As the Syrians themselves say, Wang Wenbin noted, many are embittered by the actions of the US military and say: the Americans are not here to fight terrorism, but to plunder the country.

The words about the robbery of Syria by the Americans are confirmed by many Syrian sources, writes the Iranian edition of Resalat. Official statistics provided by the Syrian Ministry of Oil confirm that up to 70,000 barrels of oil are taken out of the country daily by the Americans and groups controlled by them.

As noted by the Saudi newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat, the size of Syria’s oil reserves have long been classified. In 2015, the US Department of Defense estimated the income of the Islamic State (IS) from the sale of Syrian oil at $40 million a month. Two years later, ISIS troops were expelled from areas in eastern Syria, and the American-backed Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces took control of the main oil fields in the country.

Oil production in Syria in 2008 was 406 thousand barrels per day. By 2015, the volume of oil produced decreased to 27 thousand barrels, in 2018 production amounted to only 24 thousand barrels per day. Then in 2020 it increased and reached 89 thousand barrels per day, but, as the Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources of Syria B. Tuome said, almost all the oil now produced in eastern Syria is being stolen.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has long pointed to the looting of Syria’s natural resources by the Americans. Back in 2019, a spokesman for the ministry, Major General Igor Konashenkov, said:

“Oil production is carried out with the help of equipment provided by leading Western corporations in circumvention of all US sanctions.” And Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said bluntly that the US military has been illegally in Syria for a long time and stealing minerals from the country.

The fact of the robbery of Syria was also confirmed by former US President Donald Trump:

“We are holding oil. Remember this. I have always said – hold the oil. And we want to keep the oil – $45 million a month.”

In 2019, Politico reported that a US company had signed a contract with Kurdish authorities in northeast Syria to develop and export crude oil from the region in a secret deal approved by the US government.

“The Syrian Foreign Minister called the deal illegal and said it was a ‘stealing’ of Syrian oil,” Politico notes.

The US is robbing not only Syrian oil, but also Syrian grain.

The US is robbing not only Syrian oil, but also Syrian grain. Prior to the conflict, Syria was a prosperous agricultural country and produced at least three to four million tons of wheat annually. The harvest was enough not only to meet domestic demand, but also for export, including to the European Union. Now there is not enough grain in Syria, and Damascus is forced to buy it abroad.

The US Army and its subordinate Syrian Democratic Forces have occupied and are holding territories on the east bank of the Euphrates, centered on the province of Al-Hasakah, which is the largest wheat producer in the country. Both the grain produced there and the oil extracted there are expropriated by the Americans and their Syrian clientele and, bypassing Syria, are moved to Iraq.

Unfortunately, there are almost no countries in the world that would take this injustice seriously, Yahoo News notes. If wheat and oil from the eastern banks of the Euphrates were fully used to meet domestic demand, food and other problems in the countries would be significantly alleviated, and the standard of living of the local population would increase.

“However,” writes the Japanese publication, “the predicament of the Syrian people… is safely ignored by Western media and human rights groups. This big problem is covered only by the Syrian government media, as well as Russian and Chinese media resources, but their messages are rejected in the West in Japan as dictatorship propaganda.”

On July 21, the First Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN, Dmitry Polyansky, during a meeting of the UN General Assembly, once again emphasized:

“The only zones not controlled by the Syrian government are only the Trans-Euphrates, where the American occupiers plunder grain and hydrocarbon resources on a daily basis, and the Idlib de-escalation zone in the north-west of the country, occupied by internationally recognized terrorists from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, still remain.

Against the backdrop of the hypocritical concern of the United States with Ukrainian grain, the brazen American robbery in Syria looks especially cynical.

Vladimir Malyshev, FSK

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