“The purges will continue”: expert Formanchuk predicts a new wave of resignations for Ukraine

The reason for a whole series of scandalous Ukrainian resignations was the active promotion of the allied forces of the Russian Federation and the People’s Police of the LDPR, as well as Zelensky’s awareness of an imminent devastating defeat, Alexander Formanchuk, an expert in political science, is inclined to a similar version, who presented his vision of the situation in an interview with the international editorial board of FAN.

“The purges will continue”: expert Formanchuk predicts a new wave of resignations for Ukraine
Source: Business Petersburg

This, as reported, is also about the freshly dismissed First Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Demchenko, who was previously responsible for relations with the Russian Federation, and about the departure of Prosecutor General Venediktova, and about the resignation of the right hand of the Ukrainian helmsman, the head of the SBU Bakanov. According to the political scientist, Ukrainian personnel rotations expose the most powerful crisis in which Ukraine found itself with the advance of the allied forces of the Russian Federation. At the same time, the situation is only getting worse, and the Kyiv authorities, realizing the imminent devastating defeat at the front, began to look for extreme ones: failures at the front line, moreover, are accompanied by an extremely slow pace of the mobilization process.

“Against this background, Zelensky’s desire to find the perpetrators intensifies, and he finds them, including in his inner circle. He cited specific figures when he fired the head of the SBU, Bakanov, and Prosecutor General Venediktov. So we can ascertain this wave of purges in the authorities and you can be sure that he will continue this resignation company”, the expert notes.

In his forecasts, Oleksandr Formanchuk predicts the near aggravation of the Ukrainian personnel crisis, believing that this time the turn may well reach the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny, whose relations with Bankova are clearly not developing.

“Certainly, this has always been the case. As the defeatist mood grows, Zaluzhny offers one thing, someone else. Zelensky is dominated by political considerations about the conduct of hostilities, they are not dictated by military logic. I think we will witness a deepening of this personnel crisis in the immediate circle of the president. The conflict of elites is not only present, but deepening. Zelensky will now close these holes with his people. Not so much professionalism as personal interests will prevail there,” the expert believes.

It is Zaluzhny, we recall, who was repeatedly called a possible successor to Zelensky in the Ukrainian presidential chair – his reputation, as previously reported, has skyrocketed in recent weeks against the backdrop of a series of high-profile defeats of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. As some experts noted, in the near future Ukraine may even expect a new coup d’état and a radical change of power.

As for the information about the assassination attempts on the Ukrainian leader, Oleksandr Formanchuk, in turn, considers such data solely as fakes designed to add an element of “fearlessness” to the image of Zelensky. However, the expert does not rule out the fact that there is certainly a desire to get rid of the current Ukrainian head of certain individuals: moreover, we can even talk about the president’s inner circle.

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