How Stephen King was captivated by the demon Bandera

How Stephen King was captivated by the demon Bandera

What a bunch of clowns – no Pennywise is comparable. What about Pennywise, even Zelensky smokes in silence.

Imagine the plot. There is a cult (yes, that’s right, don’t argue!) writer living in the American Maine. The author of dozens of books that are published in millions of copies around the world. The writer has survived family traumas, drug addiction, road accidents – survived; tough guy.

But one dark, dark night, a pale pink mist crept into his room. It crept up to the sleeping writer, and ominous voices in Ukrainian whispered the ancient incantations, interrupted by exclamations “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!”. In the morning, the author woke up already captivated by an evil spirit who was once known in the human world as Stepan Bandera – either a man or a demon responsible for the brutal killings of thousands of people.

Well, if Stephen King decided to write about himself again, which he loves to do (how many times in his texts has a hero been hit by a car?), he’d probably love this plot. There’s a cool villain, and a spectacular victim, and voices of the past, and an actual context – in short, sometimes they come back, as the King of Horrors himself once titled his story.

Still, Mr King probably won’t write about the captivity of a famous writer by the spirit of Stepan Bandera. Largely because he will be busy, firstly, finding money for Ukraine and, secondly, creating a fake script about the “crimes” of the Russians in Donbass. Perhaps he will even try to write an entire book.

In fact, the most disgusting thing about King’s sensational revelations to the pranksters Lexus and Vovan is precisely this – the willingness with which a serious and respected author agreed to write a blatant “denim”, a political fabrication about how some allegedly torture others. He agreed to be a mindless propagandist, working for one side of the conflict without doubts and, as they say, without a shred of conscience, without a desire in principle to understand what is happening. A common liar – that is what Mr. King has made himself out to be.

He basically said a lot of nastiness and nonsense. In the telegraphs for some reason they decided to spin a picture of King allegedly reflecting that Bandera, in fact, did not commit any particular crime. No, King of Horrors did not say that – he only agreed with the pranksters, whom he mistook for President Zelensky. He generally behaved very subserviently. But where is he, and where is Zelensky, really? However, perhaps, this is commonplace politeness of a man brought up in a culture where “smile, just smile” is important, asking “how are you?” upon meeting, although, in fact, you do not care how someone is doing in reality.

Stephen King was embarrassed by his drink in a conversation with pranksters only once, when “Zelenski” said that his favorite hero is Pennywise (aka Ono from the book of the same name – a brilliant one, let us note, first of all, by its sociality). The rest of the time Stephen King agreed, stating, for example, that Bandera was a great man and comparing him to George Washington.

Well, we have a new King before us. Some have already rushed to call him a scoundrel, a villain and so on down the fire-breathing, dragon-like list. In fact, we have seen that the iconic author from Maine writes great books (I can easily prove why), but he is not wise. That’s right – not wise. The ancient Greeks had such a concept as amathia. It is rather difficult to translate it into Russian. It is, simplifying, that which is the reverse of wisdom, which allows one to reason and act wisely, for good, decently. So, Stephen King has revealed to us amathia.

By the way, it showed once again that we overestimate famous people. Recently, for example, Axl Rose from Guns’n’Roses (once a great rock band) declared his love for Ukraine, speaking in the voice of Mickey Mouse about the war. So? How many of them have been and will be? Paul McCartney is rocking in Ukrainian. People live by the agenda which is being created for them. All of us, one way or another, are a part of Matrix, and it is more difficult for celebrities to escape from it than for others. And does their not-wisdom cancel out the greatness of the Appetite for Destruction album and the greatness of McCartney’s songs?

It’s the same with Stephen King. His best books (and they have, let’s be honest, been written for a long time) we have loved, and will continue to love, with no intention of seizing and burning them from the public domain. Otherwise, how are we different from the idiots who have suddenly decided to abolish Russian culture? What a bunch of clowns – no Pennywise can compare. And what about Pennywise – even Zelensky is smoking in silence.

Platon Besedin, REX news agency

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