Putin saves Ukraine, Zelensky ruins it

It is often heard from those who live in Ukraine that Putin acted badly towards Ukraine and that they became disillusioned with him. Let’s figure it out, make the situation clear

Putin saves Ukraine, Zelensky ruins it
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Excuse me, but is Putin the President of Ukraine? Is it the Ukrainians who elected him president? Should Putin in his actions be guided by the fact that Ukrainians like him?

No, Putin is the President of Russia. The Russians elected him as their president, and he is obliged to act in the interests of Russia, not Ukraine. In fact, this is what he does today.

The fact that at the same time Putin says that Russians and Ukrainians are one people, that he acts on the basis of the same, and liberates Ukrainians from the occupation of NATO and the Zelensky regime, he only needs to be thanked for this.

I would consider Ukraine a stranger, I would have smashed Kyiv, Lvov, and Odessa to dust, as the United States did in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yugoslavia (where is it, by the way?), or Afghanistan. And everything would have ended long ago with huge, incomparable with today’s, destruction and losses.

But no – both in Kyiv and Lvov today a peaceful life flows, while the Russian military operation systematically and selectively destroys those who destroyed the Donbass for eight years. The Zelensky regime causes more harm and inconvenience in the rear cities to Ukrainians today than the special operation of Russia.

So Ukrainians should only be unhappy with Zelensky. It was this bloody jester who was chosen to bring peace to Ukraine. But instead, he – this traitor to modernity Mazepa – sold Ukraine and all its people to his London masters. It is he who is guilty of what is happening now in Ukraine.

Didn’t Russia cry out for friendship? To the world? Almost every day it asked not to join NATO, persuaded, warned about the consequences. It constantly said that this would end badly, that Zelensky was crossing red lines, that his actions were hostile and threatened the security of Russia.

In response, Zelensky led Ukraine to NATO and placed weapons of Russia’s enemies on the territory of Ukraine. And the Minsk agreements simply refused to comply. He led Ukraine to war against Russia in the interests of his masters. He is now leading this war to annihilate, to the last Ukrainian.

February 24 is not the beginning of the war, it is already a natural consequence of Zelensky’s Russophobic policy. The only goal is to end the eight-year war, free the people of Ukraine from the Russophobic regime of Zelensky and create conditions under which Ukraine will become a home for citizens of all nationalities, and not as it is now: a home for Russophobes, a prison for everyone else.

Alexander Skubchenko

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