Europol recorded cases of smuggling of Ukrainian weapons

Europol recorded episodes of trafficking in and departure from the territory of Ukraine of individuals with weapons.

Europol recorded cases of smuggling of Ukrainian weapons

The European Union Police Service (Europol) points to cases of smuggling of weapons and military products previously delivered to Ukraine. In an interview with the German DPA agency, Jan Op Gen Oort, on July 21, expressed concern that the weapons could fall into the hands of terrorists.

The EU police service has already recorded episodes of trafficking and departure from Ukraine of individuals with weapons that can be stored in caches near the state border for further sale.

Jan Op Gen Oort reported that there are ads on the darknet for the sale of American Javelin anti-tank missiles, but their authenticity has not been confirmed. At the same time, information was announced on the air of the German TV channel SWR with reference to a secret document of the department, according to which criminal groups operate in Ukraine that plan or are already smuggling a “significant number” of weapons from the country.

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