EU approves 7th package of sanctions against Russia

The European Union has introduced another package of restrictive measures against the Russian Federation. The sanctions affected the import of Russian gold, energy resources and individual citizens.

EU approves 7th package of sanctions against Russia

The European Union (EU) on Thursday, July 21, put into effect the seventh package of sanctions against Russia. This is reported in the publication of the Official Journal of the EU.

Earlier, the head of the European Commission, Usrula von der Leyen, announced the approval of the next list of anti-Russian sanctions.

“Member countries have approved our enhanced and extended sanctions against the Kremlin,” she said.

According to the new package of restrictive measures, the purchase and import of Russian gold is banned, and this also applies to jewelry. The list of restrictions on products that can be used by Russia to “strengthen the military and technological potential” is expanding.

In a new package of sanctions, the European Union lifted the ban on the supply of a number of goods and services to Russia for the aviation industry. The EU also made an exception to the sanctions on financial transactions to pay for the supply of Russian oil to third countries, as well as the export of Russian food.

The new sanctions affected Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Andrei Belousov, State Duma Deputy Adam Delimkhanov, Commissioner for Children’s Rights Maria Lvova-Belova and 53 other individuals and nine organizations. Among other persons, actors Sergei Bezrukov and Vladimir Mashkov, as well as the president of the Night Wolves motorcycle club Alexander Zaldastanov (Surgeon).

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