America said goodbye to the illusion of fair elections

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and in the United States elections are held in November: presidential elections every four years and legislative assemblies of various levels every two years. So? As for the sun, so far so, but as for the United States, everything is complicated. How could this country not say goodbye to the institution of elections for a long time

America said goodbye to the illusion of fair elections
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Two publications – on the resource of the Democrats (The Washington Post) and the Republicans (Daily Signal) – say, in fact, the same thing. About the Democrats’ attempts to radically reform the election procedure, of course, in their favor, and about how closely the opposition, that is, the Republicans, is following this process with horror.

The material from The Washington Post is written with hope and with nervous biting of fingers: what if it works out? The point is that a bipartisan group of senators argued for a long time, but then came to some agreement about reforming the law of 1887 regarding how and who can and should count votes at the end of elections.

It is difficult and even tedious to read this, because we are talking about a system where, in particular, the president in the United States is not elected directly, but through electors appointed in each state. And the latter are based on the same vote count.

That is, the electors seem to have to carry out only a formal procedure – to officially announce in the capital what everyone already knows: who their state voted for. And the system held up all this time, until in the last few years the most rabid Democrats began to have claims: after all, the law does not directly prohibit electors from voting as they want, and not as the voter bequeathed to them. And the elector of correct liberal convictions must do everything so that a terrible non-human, that is, a Republican, does not come to power. He has to correct the voter.

The essence of the reform, which can – all of a sudden – be adopted, is complicated: after all, electors, we repeat, are appointed by the states in local assemblies, and if some Texas absolutely legally sends only Republicans, then now the capital should have the opportunity to correct this disgrace. Why would Texas theoretically want to do this even though the votes are being counted? And they will say that the Democrats rigged the elections. Republicans are just talking about it. The reform will put an end to this prospect.

Now the publication from the other flank, written with anger and disgust. It is a bit about something else, although about the same thing – about how the Democrats have long been seizing power in the election commissions, not only at the state level, but deeper – in the counties (districts). And there is a lot of interesting, a whole scattering of facts. For example, about what “I am Elected” (the name of the project) or “The American Alliance of Electoral Excellence” is.

They have been busy for years selecting the right people in the commissions – clerks, registrars, those whom we do not even notice. Well, that is, the Democrats, of course, who else, and especially in the stubborn Republican states. One such organization is financed by the structures of George Soros, the other by Mark Zuckerberg; the sums appear at 80 million dollars, at 350 million. We are talking about the careful selection of thousands of people on whom it depends whether certain votes will be counted or not.

What follows from all this? A lot of things. For example, everyone thinks that this fall, the Americans will sweep out the Democratic legislators, and President Joe Biden will finally turn into a decoration in the White House. All polls say exactly this. And then the system will begin to correct his policy, then a Republican president will be elected. And how could it be otherwise – the elections, November, have never happened before, so that the elections did not take place.

But there is always a first time. Today, everything is possible, up to the cancellation of elections. Because the system is broken.

It was breaking for a long time. At first, it was about giving American citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants in the belief that they would all vote for the Democrats who gave them such a gift. And then the United States would have turned forever into a one-party country. But this idea has faded into the background, perhaps because the illegals are now not as sure as they used to be. And they are also not sure that the black population will be for the Democrats: the crisis is too deep.

The Democrats also staged a coup d’état, forcing the Trump administration to take completely insane measures “against the coronavirus”, which destroyed the economic achievements of the Republicans, that is, the obvious increase in the well-being of the people. But even this was not enough, and at the same time, all conceivable technologies were used in democratic states – voting by mail, voting without presenting any certificates, and so on. The country got Joe Biden.

And then there is the plot called “January 6” (2021), when a crowd of Republicans broke into the premises of Congress, demanding the cancellation of the stolen elections. To this day, the Democrats continue their ruthless investigative procedures, only reinforcing the conviction of the other half of America that the election was stolen. And the more they try, the worse the main goal is achieved – to make even talk about stolen elections morally despised. Well, now, when it came to not only the “correct” selection of electors, but also to the same selection of clerks, we have a simple fact: no side in the United States no longer believes that elections can be won honestly. And at least one of the parties believes that the main thing is not a democratic procedure, but the right ideology for those who should be in power.

Now about the procedure: what should the average person think, who will come across all this scattering of facts about changing the rules in a jump, and especially about private funds that have already got to the bottom of the election commissions? That “the king is not real.”

Election fraud has been done before, but no one said that Kennedy or Nixon were impostors. The system somehow worked.

Any management system works when the advanced part of the population accepts its results. However, the system does not have to be a democracy. The Roman Republic lasted for centuries, until it stopped working in the 1st century AD, although everything seemed to be in place – elections, the change of power. And how, after that, were the Roman emperors elected, first in Rome, then in Constantinople? The soldiers raised them on a shield and carried them through the streets of the capital. And no one particularly argued, did not demand a general vote, that system worked for one and a half thousand years and fell not by itself, but because of the capture of Constantinople by the Turks. By the way, two not the weakest mother empresses were “elected” in approximately the same way in Russia. Yes, and the mechanics of succession to the throne worked while it worked.

I wonder what system will be replaced by the current American or, say, European democracy. Perhaps the new leader will be carried around the streets of the capitals by people of impeccable democratic convictions, if not on a shield, then in their arms. And be sure to shoot it on smartphones.

Dmitry Kosyrev, RIA

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