Europe suffers most from sanctions against Russia – Lavrov

Europe suffers most from sanctions against Russia - Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said that it is Europe that has suffered the most from sanctions against Russia.

“Europe, ‘built’ by Washington on the anti-Russian front, suffers the most from mindless sanctions, emptying its arsenals by supplying arms to Kiev (without demanding an account of who then controls it and where it goes), freeing its market for subsequent purchases of US military-industrial complex products and expensive US LNG instead of affordable Russian gas,” the article says for Izvestia.

Lavrov believes that such trends, together with the practical merger of the European Union with NATO, make the talk of EU “strategic autonomy” a spectacle.

According to the foreign minister, it is already clear to everyone that the foreign policy of Western countries is a “one-actor theatre” and is aimed at finding more and more theatres of war

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