Footage of destruction of an AFU battle tank

Footage of the combat work of a unit of Russian motorized riflemen reinforced with a tank platoon and a platoon of anti-tank guided missiles has been published by the Russian Ministry of Defence.

During the battle, crews of BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles fired 100-mm guns and 30-mm cannons at “a cluster of enemy manpower and equipment”.

“After firing several rounds, the Russian armoured vehicles changed positions and continued firing at the Ukrainian nationalists’ area of concentration,” the report said.

A Russian T-72B3 tank destroyed an AFU battle tank and a BMP-3 destroyed a stronghold of a Ukrainian tank company.

Reconnaissance of AFU positions and control of strikes was carried out by a drone, which transmitted target coordinates to the command and control post of the motorized rifle unit.

“The retreating militants’ armoured vehicles were destroyed by anti-tank missile systems,” the Russian military concluded.