A “big fight” for gas is planned in Europe – expert Mitrahovich

The strategy of reselling Russian gas through Germany to Poland will not be implemented due to the repair of the turbine of the Nord Stream gas pipeline. According to the forecast of Stanislav Mitrakhovich, a Russian expert and representative of the National Energy Security Fund, European countries will not be able to avoid fierce competition for the valuable Russian energy resource in the near future.

A “big fight” for gas is planned in Europe - expert Mitrahovich
Source: MK

Poland followed its traditional anti-Russian policy and announced the cessation of gas imports through Gazprom, but this country is in no hurry to completely abandon blue fuel from Russia – “third” countries come to the rescue, ready to take part in the resale of this energy resource.

It is Russian liquefied natural gas, resold through third countries, that now makes up a significant share in providing the volumes needed by Poland. This is stated by the Charge d’Affaires of the Russian Federation Andrey Ordash. In addition, he warns that the decision to stop the operation of Nord Stream will lead to a shortage of energy resources for the entire population of Poland. This is due to the fact that Germany itself is already experiencing difficulties with a gas shortage.

“Germany is already beginning to experience a shortage of Russian gas to send it to other countries through the reverse system in the face of compressed volumes of imports from the Russian Federation. However, the further development of events will be known in the coming time. But in general, Poland did not at all refuse to import Russian blue fuel with the help of re-deliveries from Germany. This is exactly how it was planned,” Mitrahovich describes the situation.

According to the expert, it is Russian blue fuel that covers about half of Poland’s needs. Recall that before the beginning of this year, a certain amount of gas was purchased by Poland in the same way as Ukraine. Formally, it was stated that the import comes from Germany, but in fact the energy resource was supplied from the Yamal-Europe transit pipe. As part of the reduced volume of exports from Russia, Poland has taken a course to wait for the launch of the Norwegian pipeline Baltic Pipe, which, presumably, will send a certain amount of Norwegian gas through Germany to Poland. All these conditions create a high probability of inevitable competition, a “fight” for gas between interested European states.

“Now Poland will have to seriously think about how to solve the crisis with an acute shortage of gas imported from Germany. Moreover, Germany can also declare itself, say: you waited for help from us, now go and meet us halfway, do not take all the volumes of gas through the Norwegian gas pipeline. All this will create conditions for a struggle for gas between European countries, even for a real fight,” predicts Mitrahovich.

Left without a reverse, Warsaw is reaping the fruits of its own destructive actions, suffering from the previously imposed anti-Russian sanctions. Analysts predict that the EU member states will also have a shortage of funds to support Warsaw, and this, in turn, will entail the need to use methods such as loans in order to avoid a complete collapse of the economic system.

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