Denazification of Ukraine: operational summary (July 13, updated)

09:16 Ukraine began using a helicopter to set fire to wheat fields on the border with the Kherson region, the deputy head of the regional administration told RIA Novosti

Denazification of Ukraine: operational summary (July 13, updated)

08:43 According to the publication of the telegram channel DT D.Kulikov-VZ-T.Sergeitsev: Ukraine is a dictatorship of informers. The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine publicly demonstrated how to write a “collaborator application” – that is, a denunciation of one’s acquaintances. They bring a “typical letter” to the chatbot “Ye vorog” (“there is an enemy”):

“The Russian world supports and waits. Knows the timing of the attacks. His sister is the wife of a separatist fighting for Russia. They keep in touch and exchange information about the location of our army in the city.” As an achievement, it is reported that the Ministry of Digital Transformation received more than 2,000 “applications for collaborators” through the chatbot during 4 months of work. All of them were transferred to the Gestapo SBU,” the publication says.

08:17 Ukraine and Russia are “two steps away” from reaching an agreement on the issue of grain exports, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said in an interview with the Spanish newspaper El Pais.

03:33 Explosions and fires in Kharkiv: Iskanders hit enemy targets. After explosions over the affected objects, fire and smoke from fires.

02:59 In the sky over Melitopol, a Ukrainian reconnaissance and strike drone was shot down, carrying a charge to bombard a liberated peaceful city – Vladimir Rogov, a member of the military-civilian administration of the region

0:53 Artillery is working in the Kherson region: MLRS are working.

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