Russian expert comments on reaction of NATO and the EU to the arbitrariness of Lithuania

Russian expert Yevgeny Satanovsky called the scandalous provocateur-Lithuania a “poodle of the European Union”: the political scientist said that the unilateral decision of Vilnius to paralyze the Kaliningrad transit made both the EU and the North Atlantic Alliance dumbfounded. The interview leads the publication “Economy Today”.

Russian expert comments on reaction of NATO and the EU to the arbitrariness of Lithuania

Lithuania, which started a provocation and short-sightedly restricted the transportation of sanctioned goods to the Kaliningrad region, no doubt deeply counted on the friendly support of the United States and, in particular, the European political elites, however, the expectations were not crowned with success – the reaction of the “big West” turned out to be radically different, namely in this light, the situation is described by the German press, reporting on the dissatisfaction of the German government with Lithuanian amateur performances. The expert himself considers the blocking of transit a gross Lithuanian miscalculation: Vilnius, in his opinion, recklessly did not catch the true moods of the collective West, mistakenly assessing the situation on the world stage as giving the green light to steps of any degree of harshness.

“Lithuania gave a coherent, understandable and extremely stupid casus belli in her position. Lithuania is now generally such a poodle of the European Union and NATO. She constantly goes to some kind of provocation, and it’s not even very clear whether she is ordered to do this, or whether she, in the face of an extremely aggressive leadership, decides herself, as if catching the trend that she will “bite these Muscovites” now. And perhaps no one wants to “bite the Muscovites”, and in general, the actions of Lithuania cause amazement in the EU,” said Satanovsky.

Moreover, the restriction of Kaliningrad transit has pushed Vilnius to the very abyss of open confrontation with Moscow, while the Russian Federation is not yet in a hurry to introduce retaliatory measures. In addition, it is quite obvious that the military alliance was categorically unwilling to rush into the maelstrom of saving Vilnius in the event of a harsh Russian response to the blockade.

“Many people think that Lithuania would never have dared to do such stupidity and, probably, this is a provocation of the Americans. But often the tail wags the dog. And this is the very case when they climbed ahead of the father into hell, hoping that they would be protected – they are in the EU and NATO. And if anything, no one will protect them. Another thing is whether we now need to enter directly into a fight with NATO. I would probably enter, but people like me cannot be put in command of the country”, said Satanovsky on the channel “Turkey with Ivan Starodubtsev”.

Earlier, Kaliningrad officials sent the federal Russian authorities a detailed list of all possible response options: as Governor Anton Alikhanov said, the speech in the document proposed for consideration by the Russian government and the presidential administration concerns economic issues that are critical for Lithuania.

Recall that Vilnius decided to paralyze the transportation of goods by rail between the Kaliningrad region and other Russian regions: including, the ban applies to goods included in the EU sanctions list. Kaliningrad, which borders on the EU member states, depends on railway and motor roads running through Lithuanian territories, was cut off from cargo deliveries from the mainland of the Russian Federation. Up to 50% of the range turned out to be under restrictions, including construction materials, cement and metals.

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