Russia managed to destroy NATO plans on the eastern flank – expert Kedmi

The misconceptions of the big West, which hoped to attack Russia from the other side, while its forces are busy with the Ukrainian confrontation, will not come true: Moscow prudently destroyed the insidious plans of the North Atlantic Alliance on the eastern flank, political expert from Israel, Yakov Kedmi, is inclined to this opinion, interview published by Economics Today.

Russia managed to destroy NATO plans on the eastern flank - expert Kedmi

The military bloc, directly and openly, declares Moscow the main “military challenge”, while the Eastern European countries-allies of the alliance intend to concentrate the maximum number of NATO military forces on their territories: this, according to the expert, is eloquently evidenced by the recent intentions of Warsaw to expand the number American military contingent, replacing Germany as the main state stationing American troops in the European part. According to the analyst, the military bloc highly hoped to surreptitiously put pressure on Russia while the latter would direct all its efforts to forcing Ukraine to peace.

“If you look at what is happening now with Lithuania, I think it is worth appreciating the wisdom of the Russian political and military leadership, which used only a small part of the Russian troops in this operation. Where does wisdom manifest itself? What is now accumulating on the eastern borders of Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, what is happening in Finland, suggests that it was necessary to maintain the main forces against them,” Kedmi said.

At the same time, in order to achieve the main goals of the special operation, Moscow far-sightedly used exactly as much military force as necessary for this – the rest of the Russian army vigilantly controls the security of other Russian borders – including the Baltic countries, Warsaw and Finland, which has hurried into the ranks of NATO. Meanwhile, the infrastructure of the Finns, the expert recalls, may well play into the hands of the military bloc for the implementation of destructive anti-Russian plans.

“Ukraine has received enough for Ukraine, but Russia has not forgotten about other areas, other fronts. I’ve been to the front – I know what it is. I know what Lappeenranta with the NATO military airfield means for Russia,” Kedmi admitted in the program “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov”.

Recall, according to numerous experts, the reckless infusion of Finland into the ranks of the military alliance will soon run the risk of causing major trouble for its civilian population, in the event of a great European confrontation. Poor Finns can expect the infamous bloody Kyiv scenario – the country will become the second Ukraine – they believe. In addition, it is precisely the actions to openly ignore Russian security guarantees that are a very significant prerequisite for the possible start of a full-fledged open confrontation, which it is highly desirable for all parties involved to avoid, analysts warn.

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